How did the U.S. government lead its people to war?

 A Mechanism for War

How the Bush administration constructed
a mechanism to propel the nation to war

 Rhetoric and Spin

An analysis of how the Bush administration
skillfully manipulated language and facts

 War Through Rose-Colored Glasses

Ten assurances given to the U.S. public by the Bush
administration about how a war with Iraq would unfold

 Abuses and Misuses of Intelligence

How the Bush administration misrepresented and
distorted intelligence in making the case for war

 A Mythic Reality

An exploration of the misleading “mythic reality”
created by the Bush administration to persuade
the public to support a war against Iraq

 Four Items of Note

Other topics of interest

 Bush Administration Claims vs. Facts

An examination, using government and press reports,
of pre-war claims made by the Bush administration -
as well as a summary of the tragic consequences
of the Iraq War