How did the U.S. government lead its people to war?

Rhetoric and Spin

During the months leading up to the Iraq War, Bush administration officials carefully and masterfully used language to distort facts, to generate fear and confusion, and to oversimplify issues in order to promote their agenda. They often created false connections by giving intentionally vague or misleading answers to reporters’ questions.

The following 12 sections demonstrate the administration’s various uses of rhetoric and spin to shape and steer public opinion to support a war:

Epic Struggle

An 'Either/Or' World

Iraq, Al-Qaeda and 9/11

There is No Doubt

Uncertainty as a Tool to Generate Fear

Spinning Agreement Where There's Disagreement

Verbal Sleights of Hand

Empty Promises

“The War on Terror”

Enemy Motives

Caves and Shadows

“Peace" and "Freedom”


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